Propionat 100


Category: Injectable Steroids
Package: 10 ampoules (100mg/ml)
Substance: Testosterone propionate
Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma


Test Prop 100 is the form of testosterone propionate which basically gets used to boost up the energy level as well as muscle mass to help the users gaining weight. This is a highly anabolic steroid used for growing mass by retaining water and nitrogen in the body muscles to make them look fuller and stronger. It also helps to increase energy levels by boosting up the RBC counts.

This is an ester form o testosterone which has been slightly altered to make it an active anabolic steroid with a shorter half life. That is why it is needed to be injected on every other day. Still the half life of this steroid is a little more than 4 days. In this steroid the Propinoic acid has been bonded with 17 beta hydroxyl. This ester form slowly spreads over the body from the place where the injection has been given. This steroid hugely promotes nitrogen retention. And testosterone propionate is offered for sale in our steroid pharmacy store.

Propionat 100 is known to be the fastest testosterone ester, that’s why any athlete will inject it daily or every other day. Most athletes will opt to use 50-100 mg dosage per day. After the testosterone is injected, it is quickly absorbed in the bloodstream and you will immediately feel its activity in full capacity. Propionat 100 is not the best choice for beginners, as it should be more often injected to gain mass, which is a painful process. In case someone decides to administer Propionate more rarely the advantages of this drug will slow down, as well as the process of gaining mass, strength and weight. Because the injections are painful, an athlete should strictly use the indication and the exact dosage. However, in case the drug doesn’t have any effects over the body the user should address to the doctor.

The propionate or propanoate ion is C2H5COO (the conjugate base of propionic acid). A propionic or propanoic compound is a small salt or ester of propionic acid. In these compounds, propionate is often written in shorthand, as CH3CH2CO2 or simply EtCO2. (

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Estrogenic effect like gynecomastia is a common effect for any of the anabolic steroid users. The male users suffer from sudden increase of breast tissues like females while the female users may suffer from body hair, broken voice or overall hormone imbalance. Water retention is a common actor on which the steroid work and make the muscle tissues look fuller, but this process may harm the usual activities of kidneys. Hair loss, oily skin as well as aggression can also be results of all testosterone propionate injections and Propionat 100 is not an exception.

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