Steroids Modern History: from A in Nazi Germany to Z in Olympics 2016 scandals

The muscle building process associated with AAS is increased with the addition of weight training and high protein diet. That is due mostly to the “anabolic” nature, which enhances the properties of protein in order to repair muscle tissue and induce cellular growth. This is contrary to “internet wisdom” that all steroids are essentially growth drugs. There aren’t “cutting” steroids or “bulking steroids, Just some that produce more water weight gain than others. Steroids also increase appetite, which is another obvious advantage when looking to get bigger.

All anabolic steroids are structurally related to testosterone and attach to many of the same receptors as this hormone. That is where the “androgenic” component comes in and it’s that androgenic nature that increases strength and it’s also what causes the majority of side effects. These side effects are especially pronounced in women, who, when using steroids, can take on characteristics of men – a deepening voice, a thicker neck, increased body hair, acne, and even an enlargement of the clitoris to the point where it may look like a small penis.

The medical application for the androgenic qualities of steroids has been used in cases of young men who had delayed puberty. In more recent years, testosterone is used in older men, whose natural production has decreased, in order to maintain the health benefits of adequate androgen levels.

Steroids can be used in many ways. Experts claim that they can be injected, rubbed on through gels or creams, taken orally through pills and a lot more. Among the distinct types, injection is the common form of administration. It is often done through the muscle of the body. Furthermore, if the person takes two or more distinct types of steroid at a time, they are taking part in stacking. It is a practice of increasing muscular mass at a quicker rate. If the anabolic steroids are used by those in the medical field, these drugs are essential in preventing bone loss, fighting cancer and increasing testosterone level. They are also best for increasing the appetite, facilitating growth in the stage of puberty and treating liver problems. Illegal anabolic steroids are often used by sports, teens, players and body builders for building muscle mass and improving their performances.

Excessive usage of steroids can result to a wide range of adverse side effects. Users may appear physically unattractive due to breast development and acne. Some may also experience several complicated health conditions like liver cancer and heart attack. Most of these effects will just be temporary if the users impede from using steroids too much. If not, these side effects will remain permanent. Another effect of these steroids is the disruption of normal hormonal production in the body. This can cause both irreversible and reversible changes. Changes that can be reversed include decreased sperm production and lessening of the testicles. Irreversible changes, on the other hand, include breast growth and baldness of male. For women, these drugs can cause a masculine figure, the body fat and breast size will decrease, the clitoris will enlarge and the skin will become coarse. They may also experience too much growth of body hair but lose scalp hair.

We’ll start our story, which reveals the history of doping, with the distant past, namely since 1849. This year, scientist researcher Berthold, decided that it is necessary somehow to improve a man’s body, such as to stimulate its development. Actually I decided to, and did, starting their studies in young cocks. Berthold, from which began the history of doping, they have removed the testicles, thus demonstrating that they directly affect the multiple functions of the male species, including sexual activity.

Also Berthold, a man with a history of doping is started, failed to prove the impact of gonads on the blood (removing and then transplanting the testicles, the same pituh). It is these experiences and is considered to be the first step in the history of doping in the history of steroids.

Much later, the history of steroids continued, namely in 1929, scientists have been trying to remove testosterone, and they removed it from the testicles of bulls. In principle, this experience was a success, but in 1935, there was the next breakthrough, this hormone was able to remove almost purified form. And almost immediately after there was doping, more precisely in the next year, the three scientists managed to artificially synthesize testosterone (Butenand, Ruzicka, Hanisch). Thus, testosterone is the first steroid in the world and probably the most popular.

Also in 1936 a scientist, with which the history of doping start, was able to prove that testosterone is able to influence the nitrogen level (experiment with castrated dog). Subsequent experiments have shown that testosterone can exert anabolic effect, experiments were carried out directly on a man. Since 1948, many years after the steroids it was started widespread production of testosterone. In just a few years (by 1954), for sale were on display thousands of different variations of testosterone.

Steroids in sports, the history of doping.

It all starts in 1954. While dominated Soviet athletes, easily breaking the world record in world sport. As it turned out, in the preparation of athletes entered a very interesting point, namely the use of testosterone. From this, then began its march steroids in sports, and later won extraordinary popularity. Maybe it’s just a myth, but it is rumored that the Americans found out about it, and decided to include Testosterone in the preparation of their athletes. This was born Dianabol (methandrostenolone). Now certainly steroids in sports have become not just a myth.

Over the next years without the use of pink tablets of Dianabol does not get along no one workout weightlifting. And already in 1960, it became clear that the American athletes, nurtured on Dianabol simply no equal in the world. Steroids in sports have taken the important niche.

1950-60 years were marked by a great sport as a period of development of steroids. Studies were carried out on a daily basis thousands of athletes. However, surprisingly, the first experiences of the Americans, the first of their history of steroids in this direction have shown that steroids do not exert any influence on the athletes. Perhaps the main reason for this conclusion became too small dose. Despite the surprising results of American Studies in 1967, the IOC still banned their use. Worldwide Sportsman had unreasonably refuse, it would seem, only that there was a revolutionary means. It seemed that the steroids in sports were lynched without reason. Of course, after the impact of steroids was found, it was then that it became clear to all and why the IOC so hard to promote their antisteroidnuyu policy.

Anabolic steroids in the United States and the sport in the lives of American athletes.

A similar situation existed in the US since 1988, in this country, steroids were given a prescription physician. Strict control of steroids led to widespread and frequent checks of physicians, and as a result in serious penalties for violations thereof. 1988 is also remembered by many athletes exit the law on the fight against drugs, according to this law, possession or sale of steroids was equal to the storage and sale of drugs, and the punishment of them were comparable. Still later, in 1990, anabolic steroids in sports are faced with a new challenge. This year, the US equated steroids to amphetamines, metafmfitamin, opium and morphine, ie, to hard drugs, even more, thus increasing the fines and prison terms for the sale and storage of steroids.

Since then, the steroid scandals and the history of steroids did not descend from the front pages of the printed press, even the television news media started talking about this issue. Across America, a wave of so-called steroid persecution. Steroids in the US is almost always considered to be a threat. Often, under the scope of the press and got innocent athletes without any reason accused greedy media scandals. The result of this situation has led to numerous lawsuits and bans on alert some news channels and publications steroid topic.

Steroids Modern History: 2000-20016 Olympic

But even after that anabolic steroids in sports and news about them have not disappeared from the media, even now in the newspapers you can read about athletes, rebuke in the application of prohibited drugs, and even now some of these articles are unreasoned.

Today, the problem of anabolic steroids sport stands alone, as once before, in spite of numerous prohibitions, fines and even criminal liability, many athletes do not disdain the use of steroids. And it’s their choice!

At the end I want to bring a little hell, the story of steroids is not finished yet, most likely, it is just beginning. And as long as athletes are willing to voluntarily take banned substances, scientists and manufacturers will come up with, and sell more sophisticated steroids. In our store you can buy the best steroids and other drugs of sports pharmacology (from modern to peptides biologically active additives) at an affordable price.

March 7, 2016 Maria Sharapova at an emergency press conference, announced that caught doping, namely prohibited (from January 1, 2016) of the drug meldonium contained in the measures it has already been 10 years of preparation mildronat [38] [39]. Positive doping test gave the Russian tennis player, who was taken from her on January 26 in Melbourne during the Australian Open tournament [40] [41]. Immediately after the press conference, the major sponsors: Nike, TAG Heuer and the Porsche, announced the suspension of cooperation with the tennis player. [42] In April, it became known that the doping sample tennis player Maria Sharapova exceeded allowable concentration meldonium [43]. International Tennis Federation diskvalifitsirovala Maria Sharapova for two years for doping [44] [45]. prohibition period began operating January 26, 2016 [46]. June 14, 2016 Maria Sharapova appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) on the ITF decision on its suspension. The court will make a decision in September 2016 [47].

Immediately after the decision on the disqualification Nike said it would continue to cooperate with Sharapova. Also, cooperation with the tennis player continued the company Head and Evian. (